PowerPoint Presentations: The Science on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change

PowerPoint Presentations: With greenhouse gas emissions linked to agriculture, any discussion about climate change must address farming methods. We examine the ties between organic agriculture, carbon sequestration and water health.

September 24, 2009 | Source: Natural Products Expo East | by Tim La Salle and Will Allen

Excerpts from Rodale Institute CEO Tim La Salle’s PowerPoint presentation, “Regenerative 21st Century Farming: A Solution to Global Warming & The Organic Green Revolution.”

LaSalle summarizes Rodale research that shows how the combination of organic agriculture, managed grazing and restorative forestry could sequester 100% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Excerpts from OCA advisory board member Cedar Circle Farm director Will Allen’s PowerPoint presentation, “Climate Change and Agriculture: Time for a Paradigm Shift”

Allen explains that the key to reducing and sequestering greenhouse gases is to phase out the use of fossil fuel fertilizers and replace them with organic methods, including cover cropping, rotation and composting.