Today’s article on health care reform has stirred up an unexpectedly vocal debate among NaturalNews readers about health care reform. Some have expressed confusion over the NaturalNews position on health care reform: Are we for it? Against it? Do we support Obama? Do we support socialized medicine?

This article is intended to clarify our position. Ultimately, we here at NaturalNews believe very strongly in three things relevant to this debate:

#1) Natural medicine and the healing power of the human body and spirit.

#2) Personal liberty and the non-intervention of Big Government in our day-to-day lives.

#3) Personal responsibility and free will to do what we wish with our own lives as long as it does not involve harming others.

We are also firmly opposed to the pharmaceutical cartel, the highly corrupt and ineffective health insurance industry and government regulators like the FDA and FTC who continue to enforce this failed medical monopoly upon the American people.

Based on these principles, we must maintain strong opposition to any plan — from any President — that would remove choice from consumers and force people to pay their hard-earned money into a system that financially supports precisely those institutions that we oppose (Big Pharma, health insurance corporations, etc.).

In theory, I am personally a strong advocate of universal care, where every person is covered under a single plan that’s affordable and efficient. But when that plan continues to focus on pushing pharmaceuticals and surgery over nutrition and prevention, I cannot in good conscience lend it my support. To do so would be a blatant violation of my opposition to Big Pharma, vaccines and the health freedom oppressions of the FDA and FTC.

While the current sick-care system operating in America today is clearly broken, you cannot fix one failed system by mandating another failed system. We agree that health care needs serious reform, and in fact, I personally put together one of the most innovative health care reform plans that has yet been proposed in America. It’s called the Health Revolution Petition, and you can read its details here:

That petition, which is essentially a “hybrid socialized medicine solution,” preserves freedom of choice, individual liberty, free speech and personal responsibility while ending the tyranny of the FDA and the medical monopolies being run in this country right now by Big Pharma, cancer clinics, and other medical groups. It restores health freedom to the People while requiring Americans to take some measure of responsibility for their own health outcomes by participating in their personal choices about where they spend their health care dollars. That’s why it has earned the endorsement of the Life Extension Foundation and numerous health freedom organizations, including Citizens for Health and American Association for Health Freedom.

It is a universal care voucher system that allows the American people to spend health care vouchers on anything that improves their health: Dietary supplementation, herbal medicine, gym memberships, body therapies or even conventional medicine, if they so choose. It puts people back in control over their health care decisions rather than Big Government.

Why Big Government can’t run a successful health care system based on pharmaceuticals

When it comes to health care reform, a government-run system that continues to rely on pharmaceutical medicine, chemotherapy and vaccinations is clearly headed for failure even before it gets off the ground. It will only give us, as is popularly stated on the ‘net, a system that has “all the efficiency of the Post Office, the compassion of the IRS and the pricing structure of a Pentagon toilet seat.”