Dying your hair is one thing, but the drought this summer has caused some Texans to start dying their lawns as well. One man is trying to promote a lawn painting product with no watering required – and it might make your lawn a bit more stylish.

Joel Ritz is turning dried up and drought-stricken grass into what looks like luscious lawns with his business, Alternative Green Lawn.

“The whole purpose of my company was to come up with an eco-friendly way to help homeowners during the tough times,” Ritz said.

Ritz is a former real estate man who moved to Austin and noticed the lack of rain and restricted watering is causing Texas lawns to suffer. He wanted to give homes curb appeal at a low cost.

“Once you see the difference between a treated and a non-treated, it makes them [non-treated] look really bad,” he said.

Ritz said the product is basically like dying your hair. It is vanity for your lawn, with no harsh chemicals and is 100 percent non-toxic.

“You could water it, you could hose it down. There’s no runoff into the water system. It’s permanent and bonds to grass itself and gradually fades over time,” he said.