(NaturalNews) Homeopathy had an amazingly high cure rate in the 1918
Spanish Flu pandemic in the USA. Just recently, during the 2009 Mexican
Flu outbreak, a small group of Mexico City homeopathic doctors have
revealed that homeopathy is up to the task again. This is good news
considering that many over the counter and prescribed pharmaceutical
flu remedies not only hazard negative side effects, but they may also
not really cure current flu strains.

Pharmaceutical Flu Remedies Efficacy Questioned

a viral/vaccination research and tracking group`s website, this July 8,
2009 commentary, reports: “… resistant Novel H1N1 in Saskatchewan Raises Concerns”. “This new influenza
. . . has been combined with two genes from the H1N1 seasonal flu,”
said Dr. Frank Plummer, scientific director-general of the national
microbiology laboratory in Winnipeg. Dr. Plummer noted that this
mutation may make it almost impossible for current pharmaceutical flu
remedies to cope with this new strain of Swine Flu. You can view that
commentary here: http://www.recombinomics.com/News/0…

The New York Times
reported in a January 8th, 2009 article titled “Major Flu Strain Found
Resistant to Leading Drug, Puzzling Scientists”. The article goes on to
explain how throat swabs for common flu infected patients showed a
higher rate of resistance to pharmaceutical flu remedies this year than
last year. Read it yourself here:

all this, the government wants you to believe that only the flu
remedies of Big Pharma are appropriate for curing Swine Flu. They want
you to believe this so much, the FDA recently posted warnings, with enforcement penalties, to curb anyone from saying there is any
other natural product that can cure H1N1 (Swine Flu).
Details on the FDA ruling here: http://www.naturalnews.com/026473_t…

Homeopathy Flu Therapy Is Not Affected by Viral Mutations

does not depend on one drug or feature particular drugs for curing any
type of flu. Homeopathy is a non allopathic healing method that was
once the mainstream medicine
of the 19th century. Because different remedies and combinations and
strengths are prescribed according to exact symptomatic readings,
homeopaths can successfully adapt treatments to handle viral mutations.
Homeopathy was enjoyed by many until certain moneyed interests almost
pushed it out of existence. Now there is somewhat of a resurgence of
its use.

In an article posted on the website
Homeopathy for Everyone, four Mexican Homeopathic doctors
posted their first hand observations on the 2009 Mexican flu, and
revealed the exact protocol they used to cure those afflicted under
their care. The doctors who reported these findings from Mexico City,
in May of 2009 are: Est. Luis Jamil Bonilla Galicia, Dr. Oscar Alberto
Legaria Garcia, Dr. Emmanuel Alvarez Lorenzo, and Dr. Fernando Dareo
Francois Flores.

These doctors included historically documented observations regarding the 1918 flu pandemic.
For historical references they used “… the thesis written by Dr.
Manuel Mazari to obtain his qualification at the Escuela Libre de
Homeopata de Mexico: “Short Study of the Last Influenza Epidemic in
Mexico City (1918)”,as well as reports published by the Ministry of
Health, news published in the media in general, and some clinical cases
mentioned by homeopathic physicians”

surprisingly, the symptoms of the 1918 flu and the so called `swine
flu` of 2009 are very similar. It`s interesting to note both pandemics
started in the spring, in the month of April, and not in the official
flu season which is autumn. Two additional symptoms, one of which is an
emotional aspect that is part of homeopathy diagnosis, are noted by this study: “fear of death” and a “high fever” at the onset of the infection.

medical, literature, sources conclude:”…that this virus {A(H1N1)
influenza virus} was the causative agent of the influenza epidemics in (1918 -1919), (1933-1935), (1946-1947), (1977-1978).”
The basic purpose of the Mexican Homeopaths` study was to identify common symptoms of the 2009 swine flu
in order to outline a specific homeopathic based prevention and
treatment model that could be used by homeopathic doctors around the

NOTE: The following is copied directly from their
report, and some of it is beyond lay understanding. The formulaic
remedy details of their report should be put into a homeopath`s hands.

“Recommendations for the Prevention and Control of the Influenza A (H1N1)”

General hygienic actions of each person during an epidemic.

1.- Hand washing after coughing and sneezing.
2.- Cover the mouth with a disposable handkerchief when coughing or sneezing.
3.- If there is no handkerchief available the inner side of the elbow can be used.
4.- Avoid crowded places.
5.- Avoid greeting ill persons by hand or kissing.
6.- Avoid spitting on the ground and other surfaces.
7.- Throw handkerchiefs away in closed plastic bags.
8.- Don`t share glasses, plates, cutlery, food or drinks.
9.- Follow the recommendations as given by the physician and don`t self-medicate.
10.- Ventilate your working place and house, and permit sun to enter.
11.- Drink much and eat foods rich in vitamin C.
12.- Avoid sudden change of temperature.
13.- Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

PROPHYLAXIS (meaning preventive)

1. Homeopathic remedies

From the Mexico City Doctors Report

homeopathy there are no specific medicines for a particular nosological
picture (for which the most common symptoms are taken into account).
But in epidemics, due to the common causative agent, susceptibility of
the population in this particular moment, and the repetition of
symptoms, a group of the most useful remedies can be deduced. The
remedies determined in this way are called the Genius Epidemicus. They
consist of a group of medicines with symptoms most similar to those
presented by most patients suffering this flu.”

“For homeopathic
treatment is it necessary to take into account the degree of reaction
of the patient and the symptoms with which the disease manifests itself. We considered this and the symptoms observed during the last epidemic (1918) to find the similar remedy.”

Remedies Listed by the Mexican Doctors and Directly Copied Here Which
They Successfully Employed Against the 2009 Mexican Flu

napellus, Actea racemosa, Allium cepa, Ammonium phosphoricum,
Antimonium tartaricum, Arnica montana, Arsenicum album, Baptisia
tinctoria, Belladonna atropa, Bryonia alba, Camphora, Carbo
vegetabilis, Carbolic acid, Causticum, Chamomilla, China officinalis,
Drosera rotundifolia, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Euphrasia, Ferrum
phosphoricum, Gelsemium sempervirens, Glonoinum, Hepatica triloba,
Hyosciamus niger, Influenzinum (corresponding to the epidemic),
Ipecauanha, Lachesis trigonocephalus, Lycopodium clavatum, Mercurius
vivus, Natrum sulphuricum, Nux vomica, Opium, Phosphorus, Phytolacca
decandra, Pulsatilla, Pyrogenium, Rhus toxicodendron, Sticta
pulmonaria, Sepia officinalis, Sulphur.

Most Used Remedies in Hemorrhagic Influenza

montana, Arsenicum album, Baptisia tinctoria, Belladonna atropa,
Bryonia alba, Camphora, Carbo vegetabilis, Chamomilla, China
officinalis, Ferrum phosphoricum, Influenzinum (corresponding to the
epidemic), Ipecacuanha, Lachesis trigonocephalus, Mercurius vivus,
Phosphorus, Sepia officinalis, Sulphur.


Influenzinum (corresponding to the epidemic), Pyrogenium, Anthracinum.

That Ends the Doctors` Report. Here`s More General Information on Homeopathy

homeopathy is a healing methodology that is based on the wisdom of
treating a specific individual and their specific symptoms (including
body, mind, emotions, and environment), as opposed to the allopathic
model which bases treatment on agreed upon disease symptoms and

It is also important to note that homeopathy is primarily an energetic and vibrational medicine. Simplistically speaking, homeopathic remedies
are created by diluting a physical substance into a distilled water and
alcohol and creating a vibrational or energetic substance by shaking it
rapidly with machinery.
This is how a
nosode is created.

Therefore, even a toxic physical substance prepared in a nosode will
not retain any toxicity that will be transferred into the body.

And the nosode is taken orally, thereby not bypassing the initial stage of the immune system.
Inoculations do bypass this important first phase of the immune system
by ignoring the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat and going
directly into the bloodstream. Homeopathic remedies are applied by a
counterintuitive method. A homeopathic doctor is skilled in matching
the individual`s current symptom picture with exact remedies that
produce those exact same symptoms. This is actual immunization. Keep in
mind when an individual`s symptoms change, new homeopathic remedies are
prescribed to replace the previous homeopathic recommendations. This
process continues until there are no more symptoms.

However, when there is an epidemic or pandemic
disease, a homeopathic doctor can use the `common` symptoms widely
reported by the public as an individual body and prescribe homeopathic
remedies accordingly.

Homeopathy and the 1918 Flu

WW I was the first time that USA military personnel were ordered to receive vaccinations.
There was and is a strong suspicion that mandated vaccinations used on
troops actually created the initial infections for this pandemic. It`s
recorded that many died after being vaccinated, while most who did not
receive vaccinations survived.

Those factors did not affect or
alter what homeopaths managed to put together during this pandemic.
Understanding symptoms which have been closely scrutinized and
categorized are the determining factors for administering classic
homeopathic remedies, including the follow up remedies for complete
recovery as symptoms change.

Undisclosed to the public at large,
despite the strange and unusually virulent flu strain resulting in the
“White Plague”, the cure rate of homeopathy during the 1918 so called Spanish Flu has been reported as 98%.


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