As the global economic crisis deepens and more people lose their jobs, we are shocked to learn that the Obama administration may soon push for ratification of the Bush-era US-Panama Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

This treaty promotes deregulation for corporations operating in Panama, one of the world’s major corporate tax havens. Even worse, it will reduce wages and labor standards, degrade the environment, and decimate family farms in both countries.

Mingas-FTA is asking Congress to reject this agreement. We are deeply concerned that Congress will use approval of the US-Panama FTA as a litmus test on the likelihood of passing the US-Colombia FTA.

It’s time for change! Obama and many congressional candidates were elected on promises to rethink our current economic model, and we need to hold them accountable to their pledge.

Add your voice to our call on Congress to support fair trade over the failed “free trade” model.

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The Mingas-FTA Collective

The Mingas-FTA Collective is a group of individuals from across the United States, Canada and Colombia who are concerned with promoting sovereignty and economic development, strengthening democracy and improving labor conditions in Colombia. We are integrated within the Hemispheric Social Alliance and are active in North America. We are united in our support for social movements and our rejection of all acts of violence in Colombia, regardless of their source.