Glen Chase, a Professor of Systems Management, has released a third
report detailing the methodical fraud that the California Department of
Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Management perpetrated to attempt to create
a bogus emergency eradication program for the Light Brown Apple Moth
(LBAM). This third report demonstrates the fraud and deception within
the program strategy that CDFA Management used and is continuing to use
to qualify for $100’s of millions of dollars of emergency taxpayer
funds, which were intended for real emergencies.

CDFA’s main method of fraud is “Fear and Solution.” CDFA
Management creates a false fear and then comes to the rescue with a
solution. The false fear is the nearly harmless moth that CDFA
characterizes as the moth of mass destruction. CDFA falsifies that
eradication is necessary and possible, and extorts taxpayer emergency
funds for the solution. It is very much like paying the CDFA to keep
the sky from falling.
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Professor Chase’s first report (CDFA LBAM Eradication Program – A Fraudulent Program)
revealed the falsehoods CDFA delivered after June 19 when courts and
public pressure stopped the CDFA from aerial spraying synthetic
pheromone based pesticides directly on cities. Professor Chase’s second
report (LBAM in California: The True Story: Summary & References) revealed the fraud and misinformation delivered by CDFA from fall 2007 until June 19, 2008.

Download the third report: Fraud and Deception: The CDFA LBAM Eradication Program