The National Yogurt Association (NYA) has petitioned our FDA (Fatal Drugs Allowed) bureaucracy to ditch the requirement that chemicals added to food must be identified by name on the label. NYA wants to conceal their use of aspartame, otherwise called NutraSweet and Equal, from consumers. Like maybe they’ll call it natural flavor or some other imaginative alias.

Now why would they want to do that? Because smart consumers know about aspartame toxicity and avoid it like the plague. (It is.) A few days ago Equal producer Merisant filed for bankruptcy, reporting assets of $331 million against $561 million debt. Their submarine is $230,000,000 under water.

Once aspartame/NutraSweet/Equal was the billion-dollar queen of sweeteners. One that the FDA faithfully refused to approve for 16 years from the date it was created. Don Rumsfeld ran G. D. Searle, the company making it. He was Reagan’s buddy, so hours after Ronnie was inaugurated, in the middle of the night, the honest FDA Commissioner was fired. Next morning stooge Arthur Hayes was appointed who approved aspartame over the objections of FDA’s scientific board, then bailed out into the arms of NutraSweet’s PR firm as a consultant on a ten year contract for $1000.00 a day. He sold his soul for $365 million dollars.

Three congressional hearings and countless research reports and papers by renowned doctors confirm the deadly chemistry of aspartame, a multi-potential carcinogen concluded the Ramazzini Institute after a 3-year study on 1,800 rats. FDA listed 92 adverse reactions, including death, in their report on 10,000 consumer complaints volunteered by American consumers. Even the National Soft Drink Association petitioned FDA to deny aspartame approval, which objections were published in the 5/7/1985 Congressional Record, Senate.

The Jan.15, 2009 Federal Register, pg 2446-7 notes:

With respect to NYA’s recommended provision that would permit yogurt to contain non-nutritive sweeteners and be labeled simply “yogurt” without a specific declaration of the non-nutritive sweetener in the name of the food, comments were varied…. several consumers and at least one State government agency strongly opposed this provision … that removal of this identification would be misleading to consumers and could prove harmful to those individuals with Phenylketonuria.

Next comes consumer and dairy farmer objections to the NYA proposal that cheaper, inferior and imported ( from China?) ingredients be OK’d in what they’ll call yogurt. You see, when they make it cheaper they get richer, and who do you think you are to be told its just phony toxic stuff called “yogurt”, not the real thing.

The FDA concludes this action will promote honesty and fair dealing. How fair is hiding poison and concealing trash in your food? Consider exporting and misleading other countries as well. The public has to learn to only buy organic yogurt – know what’s in it.

Please immediately read the Federal Register at this URL and write. We can’t allow this to happen. It must be stopped immediately and there is little time. We only have until March. [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)


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