The United States has a White House chef . . . and now is the time for a White House Farmer.

Everyone, from your family and friends to our First Family and their guests, needs to know who grew their food and how it was grown.

There are hundreds of knowledgeable, passionate farmers out there who could fill this post, and we encourage you to nominate your favorite one.
Simply click on the Nomination Form and tell us who you are nominating and why.

Raison d’être: This site is a forum to follow up on Michael Pollan’s call for a White House Farmer. The farmer will be charged with transforming “five prime south-facing acres of the White House lawn and plant[ing] in their place an organic fruit and vegetable garden” whose produce will be used by the White House Chef, and given to area food banks.

The fine print:
Nominations and voting are open through January 31. The top three vote-getters will be submitted to our new President.

All nominations are reviewed (to weed out jokesters), and then the person, farm, and reason for nomination are posted on the site — generally within 24 hours. All information posted to the site will be used only for purposes of getting a White House Farmer. No information will be sold or shared or used in any other way was conceived by the Brockmans, a farm family in central Illinois. The idea came on an endless blue sky day, after reading the Pollan article in the New York Times magazine, and while strolling the country roads with our father to help him regain his strength after Whipple surgery.

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