Greater Risk for Obesity Found in Rural Areas

Kristin Garaas-Johnson
Grand Forks Herald, ND
January 17, 2009

Rural Americans have a greater struggle with obesity than their urban counterparts.
And, according to a report, recently released by The Center for Rural Affairs in Lyons, Neb., their lifestyles can lead to a greater likelihood for obesity.
“There are unique rural issues and this is first in a series that we’ve taken up,” said Jon Bailey, rural research and analysis program director at the Center for Rural Affairs during a phone interview about the report called “Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity in Rural America.”
“The new administration and Congress will take up health care reform, and in a policy debate rural issues tend to get ignored. A lot of people talk about getting healthier, and we want to help people and policy makers get educated about these issues.”
But North Dakota health experts already are well aware of residents’ propensity to gain too much weight.

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