Should we be worried about pesticides in groundwater contaminating the water we drink and the food we eat? According to many public health and environment officials nationwide, the answer is yes.

In the last year and a half, public interest law firm Earthjustice has filed four federal lawsuits against the Environmental Protection Agency concerning the use of pesticides.

Many of the pesticides at the center of those legal battles are the same pesticides that recently surfaced as cause for concern in the state of Oregon. Of seven pesticides highlighted as contaminating groundwater in Oregon — three of which are listed as possibly or likely to cause cancer by the EPA — only two are are not subjects of Earthjustice’s pending lawsuits.

“There are several pesticides on the market that pose extreme risks to human health — through the water, air and food,” said Joshua Osborne-Klein, an attorney for the Earthjustice. “Our lawsuits say that the EPA has not fully assessed these risks.

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