Local entrepreneur to display handmade, eco-friendly pet products at Linden Hills Woofstock and Doggie Palooza.

Minneapolis, MN -Now even Fido and Fluffy can reduce their carbon footprints, or paw prints, as it were. Northeast Minneapolis resident Shelley Leeson will display her handmade, eco-friendly pet products for sale at two upcoming canine-friendly events: Linden Hills Woofstock in September, and Doggie Palooza in October.

Leeson launched her eco-friendly business, Dog Beds for Less, last December with aline of pet beds, dog coats, raincoats, toys and other pet accessories made with recycled, reclaimed and repurposed materials. Leeson produces the products from her home workshop in Northeast Minneapolis.

Leeson, a part-time professional seamstress, said she started out producing her eco-friendly pet products strictly from thrift store finds, but has additionally developed relationships with some local businesses to ‘reclaim’ various new materials leftover from their manufacturing processes. ‘I’m reclaiming textiles, foam and other materials that the manufacturers cannot use for one reason or another, usually size, and I’m keeping them from being thrown away and going into landfills,’ Leeson said. ‘I utilize virtually everything I acquire, and the businesses I’m working with are really happy that they are able to reduce their waste by giving me the materials to repurpose,’ she added…

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