A bipartisan group of seven coastal governors are reiterating concerns about offshore drilling as Congress actively considers proposals that would revoke a 27-year moratorium on the practice.

While considerable media attention has focused on Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s reversal of his position on the issue, nearly every other coastal governor remains opposed.

“Coastal governors know that offshore drilling is bad news for the environment and for tourism,” said Mike Daulton, Director of Conservation Policy for the National Audubon Society. “It makes no sense for states to put our important beaches, fisheries and coastal habitats and multi-billion dollar tourism economies at such risk for so little gain.”

The statements from the coastal governors follow.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger “California’s coastline is an international treasure. I do not support lifting this moratorium on new drilling off our coast.” US News and World Report

Washington Governor Christine Gregoire “For 26 years, our coasts have been protected by that moratorium and I believe that it should remain in place in perpetuity…

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