In the wake of the Mendocino CA ban on March 2, 2004, the movement to create GE Free
Zones across the United States has accelerated, as have
legislative efforts to strictly regulate GMOs.
Recent events include:

California: Following in the footsteps of
Mendocino there are activists in at least 12 of California’s 59 counties
organizing to create GE-Free zones, including Humboldt, Butte, Marin, Sonoma,
Napa, and San Luis Obisbo. Activists from all over
CA are meeting this weekend in Mendocino to plan their next moves. In other
CA news, the state’s top agriculture official denied a proposal that would
allow the planting of rice, genetically engineered to create a drug. The
proposal is likely to return for reconsideration next planting season. /old_articles/ge/ricehold041304.cfm

Dakota: A petition is being circulated for a ballot measure that would give
the state the authority to reject Monsanto’s new genetically modified wheat.
Farmers are concerned introduction of the crop will result in profit losses
due to decreased export demand. /old_articles/ge/wheat042004.cfm

Pennsylvania: More than 50 townships have
passed ordinances that regulate the expansion of local factory farms, and now
the state farm bureau and big agribusiness are teaming up to implement
legislation that would make it illegal for communities to have this kind of
local control. /old_articles/ge/factoryfarm042004.cfm

Vermont: Governor Douglas has agreed to
sign the "Farmer Right to Know" bill that will require labeling of
genetically engineered seeds in all retail outlets. /old_articles/ge-free.htm

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