Thank you to the OCA activist who shared a recent e-mail she received from Kraft Foods which admits "We are not rejecting milk from BGH/BST supplemented herds." BGH/BST is the genetically modified Bovine Growth Hormone developed by Monsanto and now marketed by Eli Lilly. It was the first genetically modified organism to become part of the food supply. It is well-known by federal regulators that GMO bovine growth hormone produces milk that is less nutritious, contaminated with pus, and has elevated levels of IGF-1. Elevated levels of IGF-1 are correlated with increased rates of cancer.

Producers of GMO foods would prefer that their customers didn’t know anything about genetically modified organisms and most people, about three quarters of US consumers, have no idea that their food has been genetically modified. Kraft is one of the few companies to admit to using GMOs – not that you’ll find anything on Kraft Web sites or food packaging about it. Another famous food manufacturer that admits it uses GMOs is Kellogg’s.

Let Kraft & Kellogg’s know you’re joining a boycott of their brands because you want to avoid GMOs!

Some of our readers have decided to take matters into their own hands. Since the Obama administration won’t label GMOs, they’ve decided to do it ourselves. When they come across Kraft or Kellogg’s products, they are sticking an "Oh No! Is It GMO?" label on it. Take a picture, download it to your computer and use the "See Me" function to attach your photo to your letters to Kraft & Kellogg’s. Your photos will also appear in our activist photo album.

Write & Send Photos to Kraft

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"Oh No! Is It GMO?" Stickers PDF (prints on Avery# 5160 address labels)