Marking the fifth anniversary of 9/11, the media has provided
extensive, though unfortunately superficial, coverage
of this turning point in modern history. Among the consequences
of that fateful day have been a bloody and highly unpopular
war in Iraq, as well as a wasteful, unsustainable explosion
of military spending to over $500 billion a year–leaving
little or no funds to clean up the environment, stabilize
the climate, green and re-localize the economy, maintain
public health and education, and move the nation’s food
and farming system in an organic and healthy direction.
Although the mainstream media have been predictably reluctant
to delve into some of the glaring inconsistencies and
gaps in the "official story" about what really
happened on that tragic day, polls show that 40% of Americans
have been doing their homework on the internet, and now
understand that the Bush Administration’s version of what
happened on 9/11 is a big lie. An eye-opening, heart-breaking
90-minute documentary called "9/11 Press for Truth"
was released on the internet this week, featuring expert
analysts and family members of 9/11 victims who are angry
and appalled at the continuing government and media cover-up.
You can download this feature-length movie from the internet: