The fifth annual survey on U.S. consumers’ opinions of genetically
engineered foods was released last week by the Pew Initiative
on Food and Biotechnology. In accordance with past years, the
survey results indicated that most Americans have very little
knowledge about how widespread genetically engineered ingredients
are in foods. Surprisingly, the survey found that the average
person’s knowledge of these issues has actually declined in
the last five years. Although 89% of soybeans and 61% of corn
acreage in the U.S. is currently genetically engineered (and
soy lecithin and corn syrup are found in a myriad of mainstream
food products), 75% of people don’t think they’ve ever eaten
a food with genetically engineered ingredients. The survey also
found that 51% of those polled are opposed to animal cloning.
Only 29% said they trust the FDA, which is a strong drop from
41% in 2001.
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