In 2018, US Diplomats Warned of Risky Coronavirus Experiments in the Wuhan Lab—No One Listened


After many months of favoring the official story, even the New York Times is now finally admitting that the WHO investigation into the origins of SARS-CoV-2 appears to be bogus

This suggests that COVID-19, as OCA and our allies have said for over a year, was most likely the result of an accidental release of a supercharged virus that had been developed by Chinese and US scientists and funded by both governments. 

Politico magazine has now published explosive information, from Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin’s new book on the Trump administration, that Trump (and now Biden) are very likely aware that COVID-19 didn’t emerge naturally from nature, but rather escaped from a Wuhan lab. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, both Trump and Biden have chosen to remain silent and preserve “business as usual” relations with China, the US’s most powerful ally, top creditor, and trading partner.

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