19 Healthy & Easy Pickle Recipes That Aren’t Cucumbers

August 19, 2023 | Source: EatingWell | by Dillon Evans

While “pickles” commonly refers to cucumbers, you can basically pickle anything you want. Here, you’ll find other pickled foods like beets, eggs, garlic, and red onion that you can enjoy as a snack or use as a tasty, acidic condiment to many different dishes. Recipes like our Jardiniere and Pickled Asparagus will add a flavorful, salty and tangy bite to your day.

1. Jardiniere

Is your garden booming? Making quick pickles is a low-pressure way to use up your bounty. Mix and match the vegetables as you see fit; just try to maintain a variety of textures and colors.

2. Pickled Garlic Cloves

Pickled garlic? You bet! This simple pickled garlic clove recipe is made by adding whole peeled garlic cloves to a flavorful brine. Use almost any type of clear vinegar—white, red or cider vinegar.

3. Quick Pickled Beets

For these easy pickled beets, you only need to let them marinate in the pickling mixture for about 30 minutes to get great flavor. Marinating them longer just enhances the taste. Try them in place of cucumber pickles as a condiment or as a vegetable side dish for roasted chicken or beef.