Purium Health Products – Introducing Mica Miracle!

Just 5 drops of new Mica Miracle turns water of ANY quality into pure completely safe drinking water

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    Mica Miracle is the safer, better, cheaper, easier, greener way to purify your water. SAFER WATER - Mica Miracle eliminates or converts 99.9% of all toxins including: °Germs °Mold °Fungi °Bacteria (Staph & E Coli) °Flouride °Chlorine °Chloramine. BETTER WATER - It’s like a water fiter, a mineral water, and an electrolyte drink all in one! Purifies and ionizes water of any quality. Enhances hydration. CHEAPER WATER - 3 ounces of Mica Miracle is the equivalent of 200 bottles of water! Each bottle of this product can save you hundreds of dollars. EASIER WATER - Mica Miracle fits easily in a purse, pocket, or lunch box. Perfect for purifying tap water wherever you are. Clean water on the go - clean water anywhere! GREENER WATER - Producing, packaging, and transporting a liter of bottled water requires over 1000 times more energy on average than treating the same amount of tap water. Not to mention the landfill issues! If you could do the easier, greener thing - AND it saved you money - why wouldn’t you do it?
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