Gentcare Natural Ingredients Inc.

Manufacturer of natural plant ingredients that benefit human health

  • Categories: medicinal herbs / herbal apothecary / herbalist
  • Address: Room 1106 ,#13-3 Chang-Fang-Dong-Jun, #111 East Renmin Avenue      Map
  • City, State: Changsha,    Country: China   Postal Code: 410016
  • Phone: +86 731 82287663    Fax: Not Available
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  • Email: Gentcare Natural Ingredients Inc.    Contact: Roger
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    GNI develops, produces and supplies to our customers the qualified and innovative product series, such as natural plant extracts, natural nutraceuticals, their finished products, and etc., as well as powerful technique supports and excellent service....The main plant extract product line of GNI includes: Mangosteen Fruit Extract (Alpha-mangostin), Polygonum cuspidatum Extract (Resveratrol), 5-HTP, Black Sesame Extract (Sesamin), Flaxseed Hull Extract (Lignans SDG Secoisolariciresinol Diglycoside), Green Coffee Bean Extract(Chlorogenic acid), Honeysuckle Flower Extract( Chlorogenic acid), Olive Leaf Extract(Oleunopein), Caralluma fimbriata Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Luo Han Guo Extract, Ginseng Root Extract, Grape Seed Extract (OPC), Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Red Clover Extract(Isoflavones), Soy Bean Extract(Soy Isoflavones), Kudzu Root Extract (Puerarin and Isoflavones), Echinacea Extract, Bitter Melon Extract, Cordyceps Extract CS4, Maitake Mushroom Extract, Agricus bisporus Extract, Epimedium Extract(Icariin), Apple Bark Extract (Phloretin), Banaba Leaf Extract, Loquat Leaf Extract(Ursolic acid), Bilberry Extract(Anthocyanidins), Green Tea Extract(EGCG),Black Tea Extract (Theaflavines), Garlic Extract (freeze Dried), Macleaya cordata Extract, Piper Nigrum Extract(Piperine), Lycopene, Yohimbine, Artemisinin, Shikimic acid, Magnolia Bark Extract(Magnolol and Honokiol), Citrus Aurantium Extract (Synephrine),Kava Kava Root Extrac, Valerian Root Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Pumpkin Seed Oil Dry Extract, Butcher’s Broom Extract, Tribulus Terristris Extract, Rosemary Extract, Lemon Balm Extractand so on. GNI’s natural plant extract series has been widely used as the raw material of the industries as pharmaceuticals, food supplement or health food, food additives, food, beverage, essence/spice, cosmetics, and etc., which made a great sales record in more than 30 countries and areas.
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