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New Studies Confirm that Raw Milk is Safe!

Milk ProtestA new review of the scientific research on raw milk demonstrates that raw milk is, as we have claimed all along, a low-risk food.  According to reviewer Nadine Ijaz, Msc,  “while it is clear that there remains some appreciable risk of food-borne illness from raw milk consumption, public health bodies should now update their policies and informational materials to reflect the most high-quality evidence, which characterizes this risk as low.” We agree!

So does Sally Fallon Morell of the Weston A. Price Foundation.  She says, “ I look forward to productive discussion with the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Food and Drug Administration in light of this new scientific evidence.”

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Milk & CheeseMINNESOTA: Tell Gov. Dayton to Protect Your Access to Healthy Raw Dairy Products!

Recent studies suggest that raw milk is a safe, low risk food. Yet the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) continues to threaten small dairy farmers that sell raw milk in our state.

Tell Governor Dayton and your state lawmakers to stop the MDA's harrassment of raw milk farmers in Minnesota!

Read More: Minnesota Farmer Alvin Schlangen found guilty on five criminal charges for violations of the state food and dairy code.

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What are the laws about raw milk in your state? Click here for a state by state map from Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Educate Your Legislators About Raw Milk and Food Buying Clubs

  • Many states support the sale of raw milk at the farm. There is no valid public health reason to distinguish between a person going to the farm to purchase milk for themselves, and having someone else bring it to them.
  • Buying clubs have been in operation for years, some of them very publicly. During that time there have been absolutely no public health problems. That kind of success should be rewarded with an expansion of markets, not a reduction.
  • Buying clubs do not sell or distribute milk. Tthey do not maintain an inventory, mark up their product, or offer it for sale to the public. They are acting as agents of individual consumers who contract with the private club to provide a service.
  • Buying clubs save gas and the environment, just like carpooling.
  • Buying clubs support the farmers, which means protecting jobs, preserving farmland and helping the economy.
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Dairy Farmer Acquitted on Three of Four Charges in Raw Milk TrialDrinking Milk

Wisconsin Dairy Farmer, Vernon Herschberger, was acquitted on three of four criminal charges for selling raw milk. The only charge he was found guilty of was violating a hold order placed on his farm’s food products after a 2010 raid. Charges Herschberger was acquitted of include operating an unlicensed retail store that sold raw milk and other products; and operating a dairy farm and dairy processing facility without licenses.

The trial is being called a victory for the food rights movement and an important precedent for private food buying clubs across the country.

Read about this important raw milk trial here and here.

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