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Global Meat Machine

If you eat meat, you need to read this article.

Investigative journalist Andrew Wasley spent more than 15 years, traveling to far corners of the world, to uncover the story of how the production of cheap meat harms animals, the ecosystem and human health.

Wasley’s investigation is global, comprehensive and shocking. And chock full of reasons to #BoycottBigMeat.

This is investigative journalism at its best. And it doesn’t come without risks. As Wasley writes:

“In Brazil, one undercover investigator, examining the impacts of the export-led cattle industry, was outed in a chilling advert placed in a local newspaper and had to quickly flee the region. His safety—and that of colleagues—was judged to be under threat."

Wasley’s story is so compelling, we invited him to do an interview with us—you can watch it here.

Watch OCA’s interview with Andrew Wasley

Read '15 Years Undercover on the Trail of the Global Meat’ Industry'

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