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Not Really

Warning: If you’ve ever bought Happy Eggs because you believe (because the company said so) the eggs come from farms that actually meet a true pasture raised standard, you’ve been duped.

Last week, we sued Happy Egg Co. for making false claims about Happy Eggs. In our lawsuit, we allege that Happy Egg falsely advertises and promotes its eggs as coming from hens “living on over 8 acres of pasture.” 

Happy Egg cartons also imply some higher standards by suggesting that its eggs are even better than “free range,” because they are “Free-est of the Free Range.”

Turns out, these, and other claims, aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Who gets hurt when companies make false labeling and marketing claims? You, the consumer, who believes you’re supporting a certain standard when in fact you aren’t. And the brands that do adhere to those standards, but lose business to the imposters.

Happy Eggs are sold widely throughout the U.S., including in Aldi Stores (mostly in the Midwest and East Coast), and in some Costco stores—in all, about 6,500 stores nationwide sell them. Happy Eggs are also sold online by Target, Instacart, Walmart and Amazon Fresh.

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