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Today, as Congress works on a 4th COVID-19 stimulus bill, we ask you to once again contatct your Senators and members of Congress.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we know exactly why we so urgently need policies that can advance a regenerative and resilient food system.

We’ve always pushed for a food system that can regenerate the resources needed to keep everyone nourished and healthy—one that can be resilient in the face of a crisis.

Right now, Congress must act to protect our food system. 

But there’s also plenty you can do as a consumer to promote food sovereignty and food access in your own community. Read more here, then please take action.

Read our blog post about steps you can take in your own community

TAKE ACTION TODAY: Demand a #GreenStimulus for the Right to Healthy Food During the COVID-19 Epidemic and Beyond!

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