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Holistic Healing

Their Aunt Edie had run the farm in Shaftsbury, Vermont, for 40 years. When she died in 2012, Jesse and Cally McDougall became the fourth generation to run Studio Hill Farm.

The first thing Jesse and Cally did? They stopped spraying pesticides and using synthetic fertilizers.

At first, the land got worse, not better—hardly the outcome they were hoping for.

As they researched ways to improve their land, they came across Alan Savory’s TEDx talk on how to fight desertification and climate change.

Since then, the McDougall’s have totally transformed their 100-acre farm through regenerative farming and grazing practices.

Studio Hill Farm is now regenerative both ecologically, and economically. But their story doesn't end there—in this video, they explain what needs to happen next to regenerate farms, communities and the larger food and farming system.

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