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The Price of Greed

If we had to single out one common thread running through the multiple crises we face today, it would be corporate greed.

Greedy Big Food and Big Ag corporations have exploited “essential” workers, poisoned our water, destroyed the nutrients in our soil along with the soil’s capacity to store carbon, made us obese, yet undernourished—and left us highly vulnerable to illness, including COVID-19.

Greedy Big Oil (along with Big Ag) have fueled a dire climate emergency.

Greedy Big Pharma can’t wait to push the next pill—or vaccine—on people whose health has been compromised by the processed junk food industry.

Greedy Big Advertising and Big Media collude with Big Business to promote false narratives over facts.

Meanwhile, greedy politicians line up to grab their corporate donations in exchange for selling out the public’s best interests.

Where does that leave you? Where does it leave us . . . and the generations to come?

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