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Really, We Don't

A growing number of communities are fighting back against factory farms. 

One way they’re doing that, is by asking lawmakers to ban factory farms, or at least put a moratorium on new industrial mega-farms. 

As this recent article explains:

“In places as far afield as Faulk County, South Dakota, and Mount Judea, Arkansas, rural residents are petitioning their local officials to issue temporary or permanent bans on new concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). They say these moratoriums are a longer-term and more holistic solution to the environmental concerns posed by CAFOs than a more incremental approach.”

Fortunately, federal lawmakers are starting to pay attention. But if we want enough lawmakers on our side to actually succeed, we’ll need tens of thousands of people to contact their members of Congress.

Where to start? By asking Congress to support a bill, introduced by Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) that could, among other things, lead to the end of industrial factory farms.

According to this recent study, factory farming isn’t just bad for your health and the environment—it’s bad for the economy, too.

We don’t need factory farms to “feed the world.” Really, we don’t

What we need is a Green New Deal that helps farmers transition to organic regenerative agriculture.

TAKE ACTION to ban factory farms! Tell Congress to pass the Farm System Reform Act of 2019.

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