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Wake-Up Call

Amazon and Walmart will no longer sell paint remover products containing methylene chloride, a chemical linked to cancer, cognitive impairment and other health issues methylene chloride. That’s because last year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finally banned retail sales of the controversial chemical.

But both Amazon and Walmart will sell you decaffeinated coffee that tests positive methylene chloride. 

Walmart and Amazon aren't alone. According to a recent investigation by the Clean Label Project™, a national nonprofit focused on health and transparency in labeling, a surprising number of popular decaffeinated coffee brands contain methylene chloride.

That’s troubling news, given that many of the people who choose decaf over caffeinated coffee do so for health reasons. For instance, doctors often suggest pregnant women and people suffering from heart disease stick with decaf.

The study contained some good news, though, for consumers who buy organicnone of the certified organic brands tested by Clean Label Project contained detectable levels of methylene chloride.

Read: ‘Is Your Decaf Coffee Organic? If Not, It May Contain a Chemical So Toxic, the EPA Banned It From Paint Removers’

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