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Big Change?

Election year is here. And never has it been more urgent that we educate consumers about which potential candidates are committed to protecting our food system and our environment—and which ones aren't.

Last year, we changed the name of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) 501(c)(4) lobbying arm from Organic Consumers Fund, to Citizens Regeneration Lobby. 

The name change reflects the strategic thinking, and growing urgency, around the need to address issues like pesticide contamination of our food, water pollution, climate change—and a host of other threats to our health—as though they are deeply connected, not isolated issues.

Because they are. 

For years, our lobbying efforts have been constrained by a political process owned by the very corporations responsible for these threats. And by a total lack of courage on the part of the majority of our elected officials.

But this election year has the potential to be very different.

This year we have presidential candidates talking about the need to support organic regenerative farmers. This year we have candidates, running at all levels, who are talking about pesticides, water pollution, corporate monopolies and climate change.

This year could be the year we stop settling for small, incremental food and farming and climate policies that produce small solutions that don't come anywhere close to meeting the scale of the problems.

Contributions to Citizens Regeneration Lobby aren't eligible for tax deductions. But we hope you'll support this important work as we ratchet up our lobbying efforts in this critical election year. Thank you!

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