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Power of Soil

In case you missed it, December 5 was World Soil Day. 

To honor the occasion, Regeneration International’s roving reporter, Oliver Gardiner, interviewed Dr. Martin Frick, senior director of policy and program coordination for the United Nations Framework on Climate Change, while both men were attending the COP25 global climate summit in Madrid, Spain. (OCA is a founding partner and financial supporter of Regeneration International).

Frick didn’t mince words when it comes to the link between healthy soils, healthy food and a healthy climate. “I think soils are absolutely instrumental in fixing the climate,” he said. And with over half the world’s arable land moderately to severely degraded, the restoration potential is “enormous,” he said.

As for who will lead the soil restoration efforts, Frick said farmers can do it—but they’ll need to be paid for not only growing healthy food but for restoring healthy soils so that those soils can sequester the carbon drawn down by healthy plants.

Watch this ‘Power of Soil’ Interview at COP25 climate summit

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