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I think we could all agree that January would mark the beginning of a happy new year, if it meant the end of Monsanto, its parent company, Bayer, and its flagship product, Roundup weedkiller.

Instead, we’ll have to settle for the start-up of another round of trials, where the public will hear lawyers lay out more damning evidence of Roundup’s link to cancer.

Two of those trials will take place in Monsanto’s own backyard, St. Louis, Missouri. 

U.S. Right to Know’s Carey Gillam reports that six trials are currently set to take place starting in January, with one in February, two in March and additional trials scheduled almost every month from April through October 2021.

At some point Bayer, facing more than 42,000 lawsuits by people who allege that exposure to Roundup caused their cancer, might cry uncle and offer up some sort of settlement deal.

But for now, Bayer’s CEO, Werner Baumann—who when the company was still facing only a handful of lawsuits called them "nuisances"—is sticking to his story that Roundup is safe . . . even as Germany, where Bayer is based, is planning to ban glyphosate.

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