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Public Enemy No. 1

“I'd say Roundup is our public enemy number one probably, but that's one of 260 chemicals that are now prevalent in our food system. So, we have completely chemicalized the human experience and the planet itself, and so the level of toxicity has superseded the planet's capacity for life.” - Dr. Zach Bush, October 14, 2019, interview published in Salon.

Two important articles about pesticides, food and health were published this week.

One highlights the insanity of allowing the unleashing of billions of pounds of glyphosate into our environment and food systems every year.

The other raises this question: Who’s the real Public Enemy No. 1?

Is it Monsanto (now owned by Bayer)? 

Or is it the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) which defends the use of Roundup weedkiller and other equally or even more dangerous toxic chemicals on our food?

Read 'Pesticides on Our Food: Will the Real Public Enemy No. 1 Please Stand Up?' 

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