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Living Downwind

As an infant and child, Dana Fulton endured four major surgeries and hundreds of procedures. Today she’s 28 years old. And she can’t breathe without a tracheostomy tube.

Max Coleman was born with hydronephrosis (swelling of the kidneys). He also has severe asthma and ADHD, according to his mother, Lory Marques.

Fulton and Coleman were both born to mothers who lived in a residential area in Maui that was downwind from a Monsanto test field—where toxic chemicals were sprayed at a rate 17 times higher than in normal fields.

Fulton and Coleman’s mother are suing Monsanto, now owned by Bayer.

Bayer’s “official statement?” “ . . . we are confident that pesticide use on our Maui farms did not cause the health claims described in the lawsuit.”


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