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Times of Trouble

For anyone who has encountered empty grocery store shelves recently, the words “food sovereignty” and “food security” are suddenly hitting home.

After years of Big Food and Big Ag claiming that they, and only they, can “feed the world,” the truth is finally coming out: We need strong local and regional food systems. Especially in times of trouble.

We’ve been reaching out and hearing back from farmers—more on that soon. But for now, here’s what one organic regenerative dairy farmer in New Hampshire told us:

“Our region has become quite food-insecure. Our farms are small and weren’t geared up to meet this sudden surge in demand for local food. Last year, New Hampshire farmers lost $8 million feeding us, yet we spent $4 billion importing food. We are now in trouble.”

A regenerative farmer in Georgia says:

“When much of America is on pause we have more work to do now than ever before. Our reliable employees and their families are tired but remain committed to finding solutions to the new challenges our farm faces.”

Now, more than ever, we need strong independent family farmers, who produce organic regenerative and nutrient-dense food.

And they need us—to demand that Congress support them.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to protect the small-scale farmers, local food systems and rural communities we rely on to feed us!

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