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The Mess We're In

This week, Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race for president of the U.S. Last week, while he was still a candidate, he was interviewed by Bill Maher.

Sanders and Maher both attract plenty of controversy for their opinions. But if you’re an advocate for a better food system, if you believe that healthy food and natural health should be part of the COVID-19 conversation, you’ll want to watch this video (all the way to the end,) when Maher says:

“One reason we're in the mess we're in is because Americans are not very healthy to begin with. I know this is under the category of 'never going to happen,' but if I was president I would institute a Manhattan Project for getting our immune systems in better shape and part of that is suggesting very strongly that people eat better food and less of it. Would you agree?"

Sanders “absolutely” does. 

In fact, the food and agriculture policy plan Bernie laid out in his campaign was the strongest of any Democratic candidate who ran for president in 2020, as was his Green New Deal plan. Want to help fight for these policies, regardless of who becomes our next president? Join the next Sunrise Movement national call. 

Watch Bill Maher’s interview with Bernie Sanders

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