In Honor of the People's Climate March:
A Cook Organic, Not the Planet Kit!

Want to do something for Mother Earth?

Cook Organic, Not the PlanetHead to your local farmer’s market or natural food store and choose sustainable, grass-fed beef for dinner.

Or sustainably raised, free-range chicken.

Because the fact is, that while we need to reduce our use of fossil fuels and find alternative, green technologies, we have the power, now, to drastically improve the climate.

Just by boycotting any food – meat, dairy or eggs – that comes from a factory farm.

As climate activist Bill McKibben writes in his article, The Only Way to Have a Cow, "We should simply stop eating factory-farmed meat, and the effects on climate change would be but one of the many benefits."

This Earth Day, we’re asking you to spread the word about the threat that factory farming poses to our health, the environment and the animals who are needlessly confined and tortured.

To help you out, we’re offering a Cook Organic, not the Planet information kit for $10. (See ordering info to the right.)

Use the materials at your local Earth Day event, or just pass them out to friends and family!

Cook Organic, not the Planet Information Kit - $10.00
Cook Organic Not the Planet Info Kit

100 leaflets
20 round stickers
1 poster
10 bumper stickers

You can also order just bumper stickers:

1 sticker: $2
3 stickers: $5
10 stickers: $10

To order the Cook Organic, not the Planet materials, click on the donation landing page below.
IMPORTANT: You’ll be asked to make a $10 donation. In the comment field, please write "Cook Organic materials" or "Cook Organic bumper stickers." If you are paying by paypal, the comment field appears on the second page. Be sure to include the wording above plus your mailing address.

Click here to order by credit card or paypal,
following the above instructions.

To order by phone, call: 888.403.1007

For mail orders, send your check for $10 to:
Organic Consumers Association
6771 South Silver Hill Drive
Finland, MN 55603

The materials can also be downloaded for free: