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  • October 14, 2020
    Organic Consumers Association
    by Alexis Baden Mayer & Ronnie Cummins

    Lab accidents happen.

    When the first Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-1) pandemic ended in 2003, lab-acquired infections continued.

    Immediately following the end of the 2003 pandemic of SARS-1, there were four separate outbreaks of lab-acquired infections of SARS-1 within one year at three different labs in Beijing, Singapore and Taipei. The situation was so bad that Science Magazine warned, “health experts fear that the next SARS epidemic may be more likely to emerge from a research lab than from the presumed animal reservoir.”

    In one lab accident, a 26-year-old graduate student was exposed while working at the Institute of Viral Disease Control at the Chinese CDC. Her mother caught the disease from her and died. 

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  • October 7, 2020
    Organic Consumers Association
    by Katherine Paul

    One look at the Happy Egg Co. website, and any reasonable consumer would think, wow, this company really cares about the welfare of the hens that produce the “happy eggs” it sells to consumers.

    On one page, the company says:

    “Freedom is key to being a happy, healthy hen. So we happily uphold the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare, globally recognized as the key elements of animal welfare humans can control.”

    On another Happy Egg webpage, consumers read that “Everybody’s Happy”:

    “We all make choices in life. At the Happy Egg Co, we choose to make ours maximize health and happiness. We know happy farmers make for happy hens. Happy hens lay happy, healthy eggs. And Happy Eggs make everybody happy. Not to mention healthy.”

    That’s a lot of happiness. So imagine our surprise when we sued Happy Egg for false and deceptive marketing, only to learn from the company’s attorneys that Happy Egg doesn’t believe that its own animal welfare marketing claims—at least not the claims it makes on its egg cartons—should have to be verified or regulated.

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  • September 30, 2020
    Organic Consumers Association
    by Ronnie Cummins

    The shocking truth is starting to come out about the real origins of COVID-19. But more shocking still is the way that this disease has shone a light on the fragility of our food system, the lack of transparency in our regulatory and scientific communities and the terrifying vulnerabilities of our bodies, worn down by lifetimes of junk food and exposure to toxic chemicals.

    A growing body of legal and scientific evidence now points to the fact that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was collected from bats (as well as from the bodies of miners sicken by a SARS virus in 2012), and then genetically engineered and manipulated in a lab, before it was released (accidentally, we hope) from a Chinese, military-controlled, U.S.-funded, World Health Organization-monitored laboratory in Wuhan, China.

    COVID-19 is the tragic, but unfortunately predictable, consequence of an ongoing global biological arms race that has gone on for decades. This arms race, accelerated by modern genetic engineering techniques, involves hunting down and collecting virulent viruses and bacteria all over the world, especially those that involve “spillover events” (incidents where humans became infected with rare viruses or bacteria), and then weaponizing these pathogens (engineering them to be more contagious and virulent) in biomedical/military labs.

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  • September 24, 2020
    Organic Consumers Association
    by Alexis Baden-Mayer

    She’s known as China’s “Bat Woman.” Shi Zhengli is a virus hunter and microbiologist, and director of the Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases at the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

    She also plays a central role in a whodunnit that may ultimately prove impossible to solve.

    Shi’s work involves collecting bat viruses and using techniques of genetic engineering and synthetic biology to enable these viruses to infect human beings. 

    Since the Biological Weapons Convention took effect, what scientists like Shi do has been called “gain-of-function” research or “dual-use research of concern” (DURC).

    In other words, Shi, and other scientists like her, are in the business of weaponizing viruses by genetically engineering or otherwise altering them to make them more lethal, and more easily transmitted, to humans.

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  • September 3, 2020
    Organic Consumers Association
    by Alexis Baden-Mayer

    Peter Daszak, President of EcoHealth Alliance, is a top scientific collaborator, grantwriter and spokesperson for virus hunters and gain-of-function/dual-use researchers, in labs both military and civilian.

    Daszak works with dozens of high-containment laboratories around the world that collect pathogens and use genetic engineering and synthetic biology to make them more infectious, contagious, lethal or drug-resistant. These include labs controlled by the U.S. Department of Defense, in countries in the former Soviet Union, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.

    Many of these labs are staffed by former biological weapons scientists. (See Arms Watch’s reports.)

    Before the Biological Weapons Convention was ratified, this research was called what it is: biological weapons research. Now, it’s euphemistically called gain-of-function or dual-use research.

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  • Industrial agriculture, with its factory farms, GMO monculture crops and toxic chemicals, is one of the leading causes of global warming. You can help cool the planet by choosing organic foods, grown using sustainable, regenerative farming practices.  

  • The Millions Against Monsanto Campaign was started by OCA in the mid 1990s to fight back against Monsanto and the other biotech bullies responsible for poisoning the world's food and environment.

  • Protect bees and other pollinators by choosing organic food, grown without toxic insecticides, and by planting bee-friendly gardens.

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